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Ummu Sakeenah – Moga Jiwamu Setenang Sakinah:

Ummu Sakeenah – Moga Jiwamu Setenang Sakinah (Bhg. 2):

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Family March 31st, 2014

It has been a while.

Life has been swell, alhamdulillah. However, it has also took a bitter turn. Those of you who are reading this, you may know or you may not. Aneesah’s illness was diagnosed as leukemia type ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) early this year.

Who would have known? I never suspected. No one did. Although we did observe that she tend to have high temperatures at night, we thought it was nothing because every morning, she was fine. We even asked a doctor in the pediatric, and she too, said that it was common to see in children; if it became worse, we were to consult her again. It was only because of the swelling at the upper part of Aneesah’s stomach that I became really concerned. It was big, and I thought it was because she was eating too much. She did not complain of any pain at the area. However, she always mentioned about being tired and the pain in her legs – and that too, I thought, was normal. That she just wanted attention.

That night, on the 11th January, 2014, we had a family gathering. Two of our family members were lecturers in the field of medicine and we asked them to check on Aneesah. They checked and what they found was that her spleen and liver was swollen. At the time, they suspected that it was either thalassemia or leukemia. When we were home, I could not help notice the change in my wife’s face. We were both worried and equally concerned about Aneesah. After ‘Isya’ prayer, we were in an embrace, consoling each other. I remember saying to my wife that Aneesah was going to be fine. We will keep on praying for her.

We took Aneesah to Hospital An-Nur, Bandar Baru Bangi the very next day but since it was a Sunday, the pediatric was closed. So, we brought her to the normal outpatient clinic. The doctor pointed out that Aneesah seemed pale, hence, anemic. Apparently then, I realized that she was beginning to show other symptoms. Her skin was showing red spots which (according to my google search) suggested that she was bleeding. Since it was beyond the hospital’s capacity to handle her case, the doctor wrote a referral letter. We then went to KPJ Kajang. However, they too could not take her in. The best place, according to the doctor, was either HKL or PPUKM. We wasted no time and went right away to PPUKM.

By now, Aneesah’s symptoms have become even more aggressive. She looks even more pale. Her red spots were now showing on other parts of her body and her leg pain was coming back. This time, the pain wasn’t stopping. I could see that she was in agony and she could no longer stand up properly. By then, alhamdulillah, she was already admitted in the pediatric ward. The doctor gave her pain killers. At a later time, Aneesah was confirmed to have leukemia.

Today, Aneesah is undergoing treatment for her disease. She’s following a particular regime for leukemia patients. We were informed that the process will take two years. Based on past evidence, she is likely to have a good prognosis. Given the effects of the chemo, we’re not allowed to bring her to crowded places, expose her to anyone who is ill, and ensure that she’s brought to hospital the moment her temperature rise. Until now, she has been warded twice already due to fever. Since chemotherapy kills living cells, the white cells, red cells, and platelets are also killed. Hence, her body becomes close to zero protection – which explains why she needs to be protected from any factors that can affect her health. Even a running nose/cold can be fatal.

Allah says in the Qur’an that with each difficulty, there is ease.

Please pray for her health.

May Allah reward your prayers.

‘Rotan’ Anak-anak

Family December 19th, 2013

Sedang diri ini berbaring di atas sofa, saya melihat kerenah anak-anak yang sedang leka bermain. Nikmat apabila dapat mendengar hilai ketawa mereka. Walaupun kesan mereka bermain boleh mengharu-birukan keadaan rumah, namun hati tetap bersyukur kerana mereka dapat bergembira. Dapat juga pahala. Alhamdulillah.

Namun suatu ketika, berkata Sakeenah kepada adiknya, “Aneesah, bak ‘rotan’ white tu…”

Tersentap dibuatnya. Tak pernah kami beli rotan. Bahkan kami tak pernah kenalkan perkataan ‘rotan’. Tapi, ini ‘rotan’ – mana mari? Warna white pula tu?

Saya sengaja biarkan. Nak tahu juga ‘rotan’ white.

Akhirnya Aneesah keluarkan ‘rotan’.

“Laa, pembaris!”

Bertuah betul.

Kembar Setahun

Family July 21st, 2013

My Children

Sakeenah & Aneesah

Pergilah ke mana pun, soalan lazim yang biasa dikemukakan adalah sama ada mereka ini kembar. Yang nyata, mereka memang tidak seiras, pun demikian, masih ada yang beranggapan mereka kembar. Barang kali kerana ketinggian yang seakan-akan sama dan kepetahan yang sama, memang mudah untuk orang luar beranggapan mereka ini kembar.

Tapi, makin hari, makin tinggi Aneesah. Kini, ada yang menanggapnya seperti kakak. Mungkin kerana faktor pemakanan, Sakeenah agak kecil susuk tubuhnya berbanding Aneesah. Tambah pula seorang yang agak memilih, sama saja macam Abinya! Ayam tak boleh disekalikan dengan nasi. Nasi mesti hanya nasi dengan sup. Itu saja. Tak mahu sayur, tak mahu apa-apa walau secebis bawang sekali pun. Kalau ada, diluaknya semula. Kalau Aneesah, semua benda baginya nyam nyam!

Nak menambah selera makan, kami belikan Sakeenah multi-vitamin. Pun tak mahu. Aneesah yang jadi tukang habis vitamin – mana tak semua benda baginya nyam nyam! Beli tepung susu yang ada kandungan lysine pun sama juga hasilnya.

Agak mencabar. Cuma kebelakangan ini, Sakeenah kurang minat untuk berjalan keluar. Alasan yang selalu dia bagi adalah kerana letih.

“Abi, lepas balik school Sakeenah tak nak pergi mana-mana, tak nak beli apa-apa, nak balik rumah. Sakeenah letih…”

Last Monday, I remembered a man who had contacted me with regards to my eldest daughter’s condition. Apparently, the doctors have prediagnosed his soon-to-be born child as having diaphragmatic hernia. I can only imagine how he and his wife must be feeling at the time for we too were once in the same shoes.

When our daughter was born, it wasn’t diaphragmatic hernia as the doctors have predicted. It was a left sided pulmonary hypoplasia. Although she had to be put under a support machine during the first few days, with Allah’s Grace, she survived. For the man and his wife, Allah only allowed them to see and be with their baby for a short while. May patience be with them.

Sakeenah's Doodles: The Three Legged Cat

Sakeenah’s cute doodles; the three legged cat.

This post was drafted a long while back. I just came back and thought to finish it off.

On one of the nights, Sakeenah and Aneesah stayed up late (it’s always troublesome to get them to bed early). Sakeenah was doodling on a piece of A4 paper which she got from Aneesah. Aneesah, on the other hand, acquired the paper from our printer’s paper feed. Such a collaborative work, and in the end, the paper was turned into shreds!

Anyway (before the paper was shredded into small pieces and before Sakeenah was doodling), I came up to Sakeenah and was wondering what she was going to draw on the paper. She said it’s going to be a cat. So she drew two big circles and a tiny one right in the middle – and that was it, that was her cat.

Sure enough her cat was missing other features. I asked her, where is the tail and where’s the body?

So she draw the tail first. After that she draw the body. Later on she added the hair, the eye brows and the legs.

She then realised that the tail was wrongly located (as it was in the body and not at the back), and this made her draw another tail at the back. I’m impressed. The fact that she tried to relocate the tail just shows how observant kids can be. The next time your kids draw something, maybe you’d want to try and interview them about their drawings!