Sejak Ahad lalu, pengarang dan isteri berasa sungguh pilu dan hiba atas pemergian salah seorang sahabat seperjuangan kami, Siti Hasnah Hamzah. Beliau yang merupakan isteri kepada Ahmad Naufal Jamri, telah terlibat dalam kemalangan jalan raya di Tapah pada hari Sabtu yang lalu. Setelah seharian berada dalam keadaan koma, beliau telah diisytiharkan meninggal dunia.

Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji’uun.

Pengarang tidak dapat hadir sama ketika solat dan pengkebumian jenazah dilakukan. Namun, apa yang terbaca dan terdengar oleh pengarang, terdapat tanda-tanda yang menunjukkan arwah adalah seorang yang amat dikasihi Allah. Subhaanallah. Mudah-mudahan Allah menempatkan beliau bersama-sama orang yang beriman dan tinggi martabatnya.

Berita kematian beliau yang mengejut sangat memberi kesan pada diri pengarang. Malah, pengarang yakin perasaan ini pasti menyelinap ke dalam diri sahabat-sahabat pengarang yang seusia dengan beliau. Allah telah mengingatkan kita semua bahawa hidup dan mati berada di tangan-Nya. Kalau ‘hiduplah’ perintah-Nya, hiduplah kita. Kalau ‘matilah’ perintah-Nya, maka bertembunglah kita dengan ajal. Tak kira usia mahupun taraf, kematian itu pasti.

Pengarang tak dapat bayangkan perasaan suami yang sudah kehilangan isterinya yang tercinta. Orang yang melihat berasa sedih. Orang yang menghadapinya sudah pasti lagi berat kesedihannya. Isteri pengarang pernah mengingatkan bahawa manusia kebanyakannya akan berdoa agar dikurniakan kesenangan dunia; gaji yang banyak, pangkat yang tinggi, kenaikan pangkat, dan seangkatan dengannya. Namun, jarang sekali yang akan pinta agar dikurniakan ketabahan hati. Benar katanya. Hidup ini hanyalah satu putaran roda, ada naik dan turunnya. Yang baik tidak akan kekal dan akan bersilih ganti dengan ujian Tuhan. Oleh itu, marilah kita berdoa agar dikurniakan ketabahan hati dan kesabaran para Nabi. Sesungguhnya Allah itu bersama-sama orang yang bersabar!

Buat Naufal, Nazhan, dan Husna serta ahli keluarga yang lain, doa ketabahan inilah yang kami pohon untuk kalian. Semoga terus berbakti pada jalan Allah hingga ke akhirnya.

Last Friday was officially my wife’s last at an IT company in Cyberjaya. Having worked there for more than four years now, I’m sure memories with her friends are the hardest element of emotional attachment to thrive through. Knowing my wife though, she normally keeps her cool.

As for today and the next two days, there’s no one more happier than my own two daughters who would have their mother at home. I wonder what they are up to right now? Sakeenah – probably trying out all the clothes in the wardrobe. Aneesah, a copy-cat extraordinaire, would perhaps copy whatever Sakeenah is doing; be it actions or words. My wife? Probably keeping them under control – so as to avoid recurring frictions between them. They’re armed you know; Sakeenah with her forceful push and Aneesah with her lethal bite!

Why Takaful?

Contemplation December 2nd, 2011

My post heading may sound as if an insurance or Takaful agent is behind this entry, but you can rest assured that it’s not. I’m here to re-emphasize the importance of joining up a Takaful scheme, again, just as I had done many posts ago.

You’re a family man. Every month, a reasonable percentage of your earnings for your loved ones is saved. You want your kids to have the best education possible. More importantly, you want all of them to live a happier life in the future.

Alas! In an uneventful accident, Allah had taken away your life.

What now?
What is to become of your dream to provide your kids with the best education?
More importantly, how are they to live their lives now?
Your wife is just a housewife, or, even if she works, now she would have to rely on her income to support the family – all by herself …. and this is the happiness you had hoped for?

A typical scenario which an insurance/Takaful agent would pose. Then again, think about it – seriously!

Life is unpredictable. We often take for granted the predicaments of life which others encounter. Family members who are dependent on a sole income contributor would likely suffer if the contributor is no longer living to support them. Even if the contributor still lives on, there are other scenarios where an uneventful crisis can occur and would claim the family’s hard-earned savings, and even life!

This is where Takaful plays its role as a cushion to support the family.

I am often appalled by some people who believe that Takaful schemes are meant to make them rich. That’s just not how it works. One who joins a Takaful scheme should hope for nothing except for rewards from Allah, hoping that their contribution to the Takaful pool of collection would ease the difficulties or hardships of other Takaful participants who are suffering. Of course, we would hope that nothing bad would occur in life. However, we would always want our loved ones to live on without a dramatic dent that could shatter their own dreams when we’re no longer there to support them.

Apply for Takaful now, while you still can.

Call Mohd Faizal Mohd Fadillah at 017-248 2442. (Faizal is a Prudential-BSN Takaful Agent.)

On typical working days, the part  which I really look forward to is the time to go back home from work. I suppose the same goes for anyone else, but for me, the real reward that I yearn for is to be with the kids after a day’s work. Always. Everyday.

Yet I don’t know if my daughters are able to comprehend or appreciate this fatherly feeling inside of me. At least, my second daughter, Aneesah, seems to show more ‘empathy’ when I open up to hug her than my eldest, Sakeenah. Whilst her younger sister tries to grab my attention, Sakeenah remains seemingly blunt and unmoved by my return. Perhaps intentionally, perhaps not. Deep inside, my inner voice would ask her: “Don’t you miss me?”

She would simply look at me from the corner of her eyes as if to say in reply: “Don’t you miss me?”

She’s a smart girl. Politically mindful, I would say. In the end, I would give in and would have to chase after her (she would run away cheekily) to get a hug. Aneesah, on the other hand, would be left behind, confused and unaware of what the whole commotion is about. As much as possible I would try to give equal attention to both but being human would mean that there’s always the probability that my effort can turn out to be lopsided. There are odd times, however, when Sakeenah would suddenly come by and give a small peck on my cheek. In the end, all that matter is that I know she knows that I love her. In a book called Adab Al-Mufrad, Imam Bukhari mentioned a hadith of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam):

Jarir reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Allah will not show mercy to a person who does not show mercy to other people.”

Inspired by a colouring photo shot of Sakeenah’s friend, Alia1, masya-Allah, my wife and I decided to buy colour pencils and colouring books for our daughters too. Of course, the one to make sense of the colour pencils at first is Sakeenah. Aneesah learns quickly because she has her elder sister as her role model. In most cases, however, we would have to keep an eye on Aneesah since almost everything she sees is deemed edible. Here’s a video clip of her drawing her Abi, masya-Allah. Even though I am seen as merely straight lines, at least I’m still part of her ‘landscape’ drawing. Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to Ummi? Oh yes, she’s busy cooking delicious food for us in the kitchen! I assume that this is the logical reason behind Ummi’s absence in the drawing. At the end of the clip, you will see Sakeenah drumming on the chair with her colour pencil. Wherever she learned that from??

Love you lots, kids! – Abi & Ummi

1Posted with permission from Alia’s mum (Farhana Mohd Fadzil) and dad (Mohd Aizat Yaacob) – picture was initially posted on Facebook ( October 21 at 12:24am)

Superdads and Supermoms

Family October 25th, 2011

Often, we would like to brag ourselves about being either a supermom or a superdad. With all the time to spare with your kids, there is no better way to manifest our super powers but to nurture them with all the love they need even though we work round the clock 24/7 (well, almost!). When we arrive home from work, our kids will just rush and climb all over us. We might not be someone to the world, but to them, we are the noble hero and heroine that they salute and admire. Masya-Allah. So, hang on there supermoms and superdads!

Like superman, my daughters resemble my own source of power. They lighten up my days like the sun, but alas, they are also my own weaknesses; like kryptonite draining all my powers.

I hear the call to prayer. The azan for ‘isya’. As I get ready to leave for the mosque, my daughter pleads so that she could follow. What’s a superdad supposed to do? She cannot follow, she’ll disturb the jamaa’ah. I cannot look to her eyes and her tears. Her cries are weakening me. Okay then my little one, Abi will not go. NOOOO! Abi must go! So out flew Abi the superdad to the mosque, leaving his superkids under the care of supermom. Alhmadulillah, supermom seamlessly takes care of them under her cape, comforting and consoling them.

After a while, superdad returns, feeling happy to meet His Lord’s obligations, and so is supermom, and so are their superkids.

Tribute to my wife and daughters.