21st MAY 2011. I never thought climbing a hill was such a big deal. At 4 AM, I departed from home along with my office colleagues for Broga Hill, the famous novice hiking landmark near to the Nottingham University in Semenyih.

A quick preview of Broga Hill’s previous climbers’ picture blog did not hit me much on the ‘pain’ that they had to go through. Probably they were already professionals, but the most important factor which I know for certain was due to my weak stamina. When was the last time I went for a routine exercise? I cannot remember – must have been months or even years ago!

At around 6 AM, we began to climb from the base of Broga Hill. Within 10 minutes, I was already panting for breath. 10 minutes after that, well, had I not controlled my breathing, there was a possibility that I might have lost consciousness. All in all, alhamdulillah, I managed to reach the highest peak despite all the hardships.

Broga Hill

Panoramic view on top of the first peak of Broga Hill. Credits to Dr. Mazlan Abbas for the picture.

Broga Hill holds a pleasant view from the top, masya-Allah! While climbing up, all sorts of thinking came to my mind. Much of it, I was relating to the hardships and the bridge which we would all have to cross on the Day of Judgment (Yaumul-Qiyaamah). The climbing served as a good reminder to me that due to insufficient preparation, I had to struggle and climb on all my four limbs to reach the top. This can also be applied to the case of our preparation for Yaumul-Qiyaamah. The more good we do, the more easier it will be for us to cross the sirat (bridge) and the lesser hassle it will be for us to enter Jannah. Otherwise, we might have to crawl along the way while others reach the end at a speed faster than light. The worst we should fear is not being able to reach the end at all, na’uzubillah.

After that, we came down and had some light refreshment prepared by my wife and I. Our cute Sakeenah had some share in it too. Ignoring our plead to leave and head to bed, she persisted and kept on slicing the cucumber with a spoon.

The moment I had reached home that day after climbing, time was almost 11 AM. I had another agenda to attend to. There was a majlis makan amal in Shah Alam organised by a local orphanage located in Rawang. Obviously, I was already late since the event started at 10 AM. By the time I had finished taking shower and ready to depart, it was 12 noon. My plan was to take the whole family; my wife, Sakeenah, Aneesah and even our maid, to the event. I was still adamant to go despite of the consequence of being late.  I must have hoped for a miracle for I already knew that by the time I would arrive, the event would have been over.

As I drove the car to Shah Alam, my faith of ever being able to make it for the event began to lose its grip. Yet I still went on even though time had already passed 1 PM. I had asked myself, why do you really want to do this? The fact is, the initial invitation came from my ustazah. The day she called about the makan amal, I accepted and agreed without too much question. Deep inside, I didn’t really feel like going for it but I just couldn’t say no to her. Moreover, it was for a noble cause. I was afraid that if I tried giving excuses to find my way out, I might encounter something even more dreadful ordained by the Almighty. Yes, you may think I am not sincere but that is beside the point. The point is, had it not been for her invitation, I might have rejected the invitation (and possibly other invitations alike) and never come to a charitable event such as this in my life.


Eating and doing charity for the orphanage

At the 'Majlis Makan Amal' organised by the Rumah Amal Permata Rohani.

Alhamdulillah. With Allah’s grace, we managed to reach there and even had the chance to take lunch. The nasyid performance was still going on but people were beginning to leave. We even met Mdm. Zulfa of KICT. She said that she is no longer with IIUM due to her health condition. Please pray for her.

I was happy. The donation which I planned to give finally reached its recipients. Yes, one may object to my sincerity but at least I have contributed something. To me, this is just a small success leading to a bigger one, insya-Allah. I hope readers of this blog would also be willing to consider dropping a few Ringgits into the bank accounts of any rumah anak yatim. May Allah help us in return for our effort to help them.

What about the third success story? Well, the following day, Aizat and Ana’s little driver was born. His name is Faris Aiman. What a cute little caliph, subhaanallah! May Allah lead him to become a valuable asset in upholding the truth and only the truth. May he be amongst the mujaahideen. Ameen.